For our Elders

A group of Year 6 Aboriginal students from Nyngan Public School were yarning about the theme for NAIDOC 2023 ‘ For Our Elders’.

The students spoke about how their elders inspire them to become deadly leaders and role models in their community.

Listen to these Koori kids speak about their deadly elders in the Nyngan community.

Our Elders

My Elders have taught me my culture history, and who I am.

My Elders have given me knowledge.

My Elders have looked after me.

My Elders taught me how to do stuff I’d never done before.

My Elders taught me respect.

My Elders care for me when I am sad.

My Elders just told me to never change for anyone else.

Our Elders have played and continue to play an important role in our lives, families, and communities.

We draw strength from our Elders’ knowledge and wisdom.

Our Elders’ struggles, helps us move forward today.


Story contributed by Marie Johnson from Nyngan Public School and Melinda Brown from Burraga Foundation. Published in 2023.