Acknowledgement of Country

A group of Year 6 students from Nyngan Public School are very proud to have learnt an Acknowledgement of Country in language.


Acknowledgement of Country


Ngini ngurrampaa Wamgaaypuwan

Ngini ngiyani Wana-dhunma-nha

Winang-nhn Kiya-thu ngurampaa-pilaar

Pukil Kiya-thu ngini ngurrampaa

Wangaaypuwan Wara-nha

This is Ngiyaapaa Wangaaypuwan Country.

We are standing here together.

I acknowledge the owners of this Country.

I am happy to be standing on Wangaaypuwan Country.


Story submitted by Nyngan Public School and Marea Johnson and Melinda Brown from Storylines. Published in 2023.